Social initiatives

SES is a regular supporter of Institut St. Joseph in Betzdorf, Luxembourg, a home for mentally handicapped persons.

During 2010, staff members of the Luxembourg campus of SES engaged in a number of social projects with various organisations – the Red Cross, the Archipel charity, SOS Kannerduerf, Tricentenaire Foundation and Institut St Joseph – providing mostly pro bono work for these organisations.

Through its SES WORLD SKIES division, SES made corporate donations to the Juliana Children’s Hospital in The Hague. In the U.S., SES also supported social initiatives such as the Trenton Soup Kitchen.

In 2010, SES matched donations from its employees to emergency relief organisations providing help to earthquake victims in Haiti and to flood victims in Pakistan. SES also donated satellite transmission capacity to support humanitarian organisations in Haiti in the aftermath of the earthquake that hit the island in 2010.

Clearing brush for the Red Cross

In early summer 2010, a 34-people SES team spent time doing pro bono work at the Red Cross’ Foyer Henri Dunant in Bertrange, Luxembourg. The institution is the home for less than a dozen children who are provided here with care and support.

In a day’s heavy work, the SES team cleared a piece of land from brush so that a playground and sensory (barefoot) path could be installed during the following months.

SES clearing brush for the Red Cross